About Colombia

Colombia has become an exceptionally prosperous country in the region and, globally, one of the most flourishing emerging markets today, because of sound economic policies, Free Trade Agreements and government stability.

about Colombia

The strong alliance between Colombia and the United States has played an integral role in this transformation of our country, since the beginning of twentieth century. The United States, our greatest ally, is Colombia’s main bilateral trade partner, its major investor, and the primary source for inbound tourism. This link has been independent of presidential administration and has improved the businesses between Colombian and U.S. companies, creating more opportunities.

Today, the American market represents great opportunities for more than 2,200 Colombian companies that have forged successful commercial partnerships and are currently operating doing business deals with U.S. enterprises.


Free On Board (FOB) US$ million

alt text * Position within the Latin American and Caribbean region.


(FOB) US$ million

text alt Source: TRADE DATA MONITOR.

Trade relationship United States - Colombia

US$ million

alt text Source: Banco de la República, TRADE DATA MONITOR and IMF.