Opportunities for investment

Opportunities for investment

Its geostrategic location on the northwest corner of South America gives the country an attractive, competitive position. Access to the Pacific Ocean thru Buenaventura port connects Colombia to Asia, Oceania, and the west coast of the Americas; the Atlantic Ocean provides connections to Europe, Africa and the east coast of the Americas.  Proximity to the Panama Canal also provides access to the most well-known international shipping lines and airlines, thus connecting Colombia to all corners of the world.

Moreover, features both public and private port systems.  The “Sociedades Portuarias Regionales” of Buenaventura, Barranquilla, Tumaco, Cartagena and Santa Marta make up the public port services. These services includes container, refrigerated and bulk cargo for most non-traditional products as well as some traditional ones, including bananas for export. Another 9 public ports are available, as well as 7 private ports, 44 docks and 10 wharfs.

Currently, Colombia has 11 free trade agreements (FTA), allowing preferential access to over 1,500 million consumers. In 2012, will be negotiating 21 international investment agreements (IIA). Furthermore, the country has the most competitive FTZ’s in Latin America: 15% income tax and sales allowed to the local market.

Since Colombia is located in the middle of America, offers great air and maritime connectivity making the country an excellent logistic ally.

A clear example, the maritime average rate from Asia to U.S. is eight times the rate charged to Colombia. The same happens with the air average rate, is triple.

Also, Colombia has great opportunities for other countries to invest in sectors such as: IT and BPO&O services; Automotive; Agribusiness; Cosmetics, Toiletries and Cleaning Products; Oil Products and Services; and Textiles among others.

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