Color Siete, From Manizales to Bloomingdale’s Displays

This company from the Caldas Department created over 500 direct jobs in the country by internationalizing their brand following their growth plan. It already has a presence in 12 different stores in the United States.

Shirts, jackets, suits, pants and denims, all made in Colombia, occupied the display windows in Bloomingdale’s, the exclusive department retail chain store in the United States.

This results from more than 10 years of market penetration strategies by the Color Siete business group from Manizales, with its Rosé Pistol Kids brand.

Luis Felipe Molina, president at Color Siete, explained, “the United States is a country with great business opportunities, as the product is popular with the public and meets all the requirements. Thanks to a better understanding of the market and a series of training programs, Color Siete nowadays supplies over 100 customers.”

Molina adds that Bloomingdale’s is the perfect venue to raise awareness of the Manizales brand, as the chain is famous for its high-quality products and their clients appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of every garment. “It should be noted that more than clothing, Color Siete is a brand concept.”

The Market is Always Growing

Having their own production plant that creates over 500 direct jobs in the country and a sound team were the key to attract a giant such as Bloomingdale's.

The Manizales Company started with 5 stores, and now has branched towards 12 other countries. Color Siete’s Business in the United States has developed at the same time as with other clients such as Nordstrom, Fred Segal, Barneys, and Anthropologie, among others, all of which are highly exclusive stores.

PROCOLOMBIA has provided both strategic and financial support since the beginning of the process in the United States. For Molina, all the support from the government’s office has proven critical for the company’s success, including different schedules and organizing matchmaking forms.

“This is a good example that shows that exporting means growth, and that tools such as the free trade agreements like the one with the United States, help our industry reach the world,” said Maria Claudia Lacouture, president of PROCOLOMBIA.

After the Free Trade Agreement, a total of 279 apparel companies exported into the United States for the first time between May 2012 and July 2014. Also, 52 new products were exported.

During this period, the apparel sector showed a net growth of $34.6 million USD, increasing from $678.6 million USD to $713.1 million USD, a total growth of 5.1%.

From the Risaralda department, 13 apparel companies exported their products for the first time; 4 from Caldas and 1 from Risaralda.


PROCOLOMBIA is the government office in charge of attracting foreign investment, supporting non-traditional exports, and promoting the country as an international tourism destination. Through a network of national and international offices, it provides support and comprehensive advice to clients, offering specialized services to improve their internationalization strategy design and performance to create, develop, and close business opportunities.